In St Chad’s Foundation Stage we get to know our children really well and we find out what interests them and motivates them. We then enhance our learning environment to reflect the needs and interests of our class to encourage and support them meet their next steps. When we observe a group of children who share an interest or fascination we start a project based upon that interest. The children lead the learning, deciding what they would like to find out next. We place a very high value on play, where children get to explore, investigate, problem solve and collaborate in a safe and engaging environment. We aim to create a calm and stimulating learning space with a home away from home feel, where children feel valued and secure.


Learning in Reception this half term


In phonics this half term we will continue to learn the sounds from phase three of Letters and Sounds. In our daily phonics sessions we revisit the sounds we already know before learning a new one. Sessions are fun and playful, using a range of games and activities to help us practise reading and writing using the sounds we have learnt. To consolidate our learning in phonics we are introducing a short writing task each morning with an interesting photo prompt for children to write about.


In Talk 4 Writing we will learn the story of ‘Bang’, about a mouse who thinks the earth is splitting in two after he hears a loud ‘bang’. We will use actions and story maps to help us internalise the narrative, and talk about our favourite parts of the story. The children will then adapt the story, changing the setting and characters, before moving on to invent their own stories. The children loved retelling our story last half term and created some fantastic story maps, retelling their story for the class. We are looking forward to building on this in the Spring term.


Our maths sessions this half term will continue to focus on counting and calculating skills, consolidating our understanding of numbers to ten. We will be adding and subtracting, learning how to count on or back from the largest number. We spend a long time looking at each number to ensure children have a deep understanding of the concept of number, building a firm foundation for future learning. We will also spend some time looking at 3d shapes, learning their names and exploring their properties.


We really value outdoor learning in Reception, and this half term we will spend some time talking about the changes we can see outside. As leaf buds begin to appear on trees and spring bulbs begin to grow the children have already begun to notice some changes to our environment. There has been lots of interest in this, and we hope to develop a child led project to learn about growing and new life. Children access our outdoor classroom every day, providing them the opportunity to embed and develop skills and knowledge across all areas of learning.

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