Learning in Year Two this half term:


In English we will be developing our skills with the use of subordinating conjunctions and writing in the first person using appropriate adverbs to describe feelings. The children will begin by looking at one of our focus picture books ‘Journey’ and will be revisiting this text in the form of written diaries from the perspective of the main character. These skills will later be used and developed further with our forthcoming school trip to Abbey House museum where the children will have the opportunity to recount their first hand experiences. Later in the half term the children will use our author focus on Anthony Browne to write creative stories and accounts of the author’s remarkable career. In Reading, the children will continue to develop their fluency alongside some deep comprehension work on two class books in part of an author study. Children will begin by looking at the book Silly Billy by Anthony Browne before moving on to his classic picture book The Tunnel. Each book will encourage the children to think deeply, retrieve information naturally and develop deeper inference skills through examining the intriguing artwork in the books.


In Maths we are developing our understanding of division by examining sharing and grouping. Children will learn to group and share using cubes before moving onto working with pictures and equations. This unit will allow children to deepen their understanding of multiplication further through revisiting the number facts the children embedded over the last half term. The children will also have the opportunity to learn about different units of measure this half term, developing their ability to measure approximate length, and compare varying lengths. Children will develop their understanding of scale through this unit by using bar models and will use skills they have learnt so far to solve word problems.


In Science we will be looking at humans and how they physically change from being a baby to an adult. In this unit we will also look at senses in living things.


Our topic is called ‘Memory Box’ where we will be thinking about the past. The children will think and talk about memories of their own and important times they remember in the family. They will also look at the past and how things have changed, for example toys. Children will also have the opportunity to learn about key female figures in medicine with a large focus on Florence Nightingale and the changes in medicine over time. In Geography children will develop their understanding of map work and aerial photography, having the opportunity to develop their own aerial maps based on our focus book Journey.


In RE we are learning about ‘Gospel’ and thinking about the good news Jesus brings. Children will be digging deeper in Year 2 and will be asking big questions about the ‘good gifts’ that God offers, examine the concept of giving thanks and making links between different gospel stories to develop a deep understanding of the purpose for the gospel in Christianity.


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