Learning in Year Two this half term:


Our main topic this half term is titled, ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures’ and focuses on developing a wide range of art and design skills; allowing children to experience and describe the differences between varying practices and disciplines. Throughout the topic, we will also explore everyday materials through scientific enquiry and observation. Our topic will stimulate a range of high quality reading and writing touching the thought provoking book Journey as well as children’s classic George’s Marvellous Medicine!



We will begin by exploring the picture book Journey where the children will have the opportunity to ask questions about the imagery before writing their own descriptive sentences for the story. As we move into the year two curriculum, we will recap a number of key year one punctuation and grammar objectives, before developing new writing skills and expanding understanding around sentence types.


In our reading sessions, children will work in small group work and children will have the opportunity to develop their reading fluency and comprehension in peer work alongside support from a teacher through carousel style activities. Children will also have the opportunity to investigate shared texts alongside their writing in order to develop vocabulary and understanding of structure. Work done on Roald Dahls time honoured classics (including Revolting Rhymes) will allow children to make connections to their topic learning and act as a stimulus to further their own sentence structure. We will pay particular attention to the characters portrayed, use of language and different settings in the book, as well as using key reading skills, such as: retrieval, prediction, and simple inference from the text.



In maths, we will be learning about numbers up to 100. We will learn to read, write and compare these numbers, as well as making number patterns using a 100 grid as well as concrete resources. Following on from this, we will learn about various key areas of addition and subtraction using 2 digit numbers before moving on to counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. Throughout the half term, there will lots of high quality maths discussion, reasoning and problem solving opportunities.



Due to the nature of our topic, science will be covered through investigation into every day materials.



This half term, we will be exploring the key question: Why is God important to Christians?



Our topic combines a range of enquiry skills and subjects as we immerse ourselves in mess! There will be links to English, science, PSHE and DT. Pupils will learn about recipes and food, safety and household products and lots of exciting techniques surrounding making pictures and collages.


Topic Homework for this term can be found in the Link and Resources section on the right.

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