Learning in Year 4 this half term:



In Year 4 we will be applying our skills and understanding of addition and subtraction into solving two-step word problems as well as further developing our reasoning skills. We will then move onto multiplication and division where will be consolidating our knowledge of our timetables facts up to 12 X 12! We will also be finding out what is meant by a ‘factor’ and using columnar multiplication to help us to multiply two and three-digit numbers by a one-digit number.



To coincide with our Topic this half term, we will be exploring the different features of a leaflet with the intention to write our own persuasive leaflet to encourage courageous tourists to visit one of the world’s wondrous mountains! We will be thinking about different persuasive devices such as rhetorical questions, powerful verbs, adjectives and expanded noun phrases and of course – fronted adverbials! We will also be starting the half term by thinking about what constitutes a sentence, such as word classes and clauses.



This half term, we’re going up in the world! We will be exploring the Might Mountains of our world and discussing which mountain we think is most impressive. We’ll find out where the highest mountains are, learn how to use a compass and make 3-D mountain models. Inspired by the magnificent mountains of the world, we’ll complete graphs showing heights, look at webcam and satellite images and create wonderful weavings. Finally, we’ll think about our personal ‘mountains’. What are our goals and how will we achieve them?



We will be digging deeper on the topic of Incarnation this half term. We will be able to identify John 1 as part of a ‘Gospel’, noting some differences between John and the other Gospels and give examples of what the texts studied mean to some Christians. We will also be making links between some of the texts and teachings about God in the Bible and what people believe about God in the world today.


On the morning of the 30th November 2018, we will also be visiting South Parade Baptist Church for a ‘a fast moving, interactive multi-media presentation’ about the importance of Christmas for Christians (letters and further information to go out closer to the time).



To go alongside our Topic, we will be briefly revisiting how mountains play an important role in the water cycle. We will also be learning about the different ‘living things’ that reside on mountainous terrains and how these animals and adapted to suit these environments.



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