Learning in Year 4 this half term:


This half term we will embark on another History topic - Celts and Romans. We are really looking forward to our Day at Murton Park on the 22nd January where we will have the opportunity to spend the day as a Roman and really appreciate what life would have been like.



Our main unit for this half term is a non-fiction unit on journalistic writing, we will explore the big question: What is the world’s most incredible sport? Pupils will read the interactive eBook, finding information and distinguishing between fact and opinion. They will answer the big question, planning and writing their own newspaper report.

This half term we will also be developing our writing skills through our history topic on Celts and Romans.  Pupils will write a Roman news article, an information text on life in Roman times and write a letter from a Roman Gladiator.

We are also going to be word detectives this half term and investigate spelling patterns and generate our own spelling rules.



In mathematics we will be working on two areas of maths:

Multiplication and Division – Pupils will build on the mental multiplication and division skills they developed in the Autumn term to: recognise and use factor pairs, understand commutativity in mental calculations, multiply two digit and three digit numbers by a one digit number using formal written layout and solve problems involving multiplication and division.

Area – We will explore how to calculate the area of a shape by counting squares and using the formula length x width to find the area of rectangles.



In RE we are studying a unit on Sikhism; we look at the big question,

Pupils will identify some of the core beliefs of Sikhism, e.g. one God, the message of Guru Nanak, equality and service.  They will make clear links between the Mool Mantar and Sikh beliefs and actions and offer informed suggestions about what some of the teachings of the Gurus mean to Sikhs today.   Pupils will also be given the opportunity to raise questions about what matters to Sikhs (e.g. equality, service, honest work), and say why they still matter today.  They will make links between key Sikh values and life in the world today, identifying which values would make most difference in pupils’ own lives and in the world today.  Pupils will have ample opportunity to talk about what they have learned and whether they have changed their thinking.


Creative Curriculum (Topic):

We are brave, powerful warriors, and we will meet in battle! This half term, we’ll divide into two warring groups: the Celts and the Romans. In our battle games, who will be victorious? We’ll research Celtic and Roman warriors and write soliloquies as soldiers. Using different source materials, we’ll investigate the Roman Empire and read Roman numerals. The Celtic warrior queen, Boudicca, will inspire us to create stories, models and artwork. Using maps, globes and information books, we’ll compare Britain (the home of the Celts) and Rome (the home of the Romans). At the end of the topic, we’ll reflect on what the Romans did for us. We’ll become archaeologists, examining and sorting artefacts.

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