Learning in Year 4 this half term:


This half term we will embark on another History topic - Celts and Romans. We are really looking forward to our Day at Murton Park on the 22nd January where we will have the opportunity to spend the day as a Roman and really appreciate what life would have been like.



Our main unit for this half term is a fantasy fiction unit based around the book The Spiderwick Chronicles. We will read the interactive eBook, asking questions and developing understanding of inference. We will use drama to explore characters and suspense. We will plan, edit and write a new episode of the fantasy story we have studied and further develop editing and proof-reading skills.



In mathematics we will be working on two areas of maths:

  • Fractions – In this unit we will build on the work undertaken in Year Three and explore fractions in different representations, for example, fractions of shapes, quantities and fractions on a number line. We will explore and recap on the meaning of numerator and denominator, non-unit and unit fractions.   Pupils will be introduced to equivalent fractions, they will investigate and record equivalent fractions, starting by comparing two fractions before moving on finding more than one equivalent fraction on a fraction wall. Pupils will use manipulatives and diagrams to show that a fraction can be split into wholes and parts. The focus will be on how many equal parts make a whole dependent on the number of equal parts altogether. This learning will lead on to Year 5 where children learn about improper fractions and mixed numbers. As the unit progresses pupils will look at addition and subtraction of fractions and on finding fractions of quantities.
  • Decimals – Pupils will recognise tenths and hundredths using a hundred square. They will see that ten hundredths are equivalent to one tenth and use a part whole model to partition a fraction into tenths and hundredths. Pupils will write tenths and hundredths as decimals and fractions. They will write any number of tenths / hundredths as a decimal and represent the decimals using concrete and pictorial representations. Pupils will understand that a tenth is a part of a whole split into 10 equal parts and a hundredth is a part of a whole split into 100 equal parts.  Pupils will represent tenths and hundredths on place value grids and number lines.  As the unit progresses pupils will divide one and two digit numbers by 10 and 100.



In RE we are studying a unit on salvation with the focus being on the Easter story.  Pupils will offer suggestions for what the texts about the entry into Jerusalem, and the death and resurrection of Jesus might mean and will give examples of what the texts studied mean to some Christians. They will make simple links between the Gospel texts and how Christians mark the Easter events in their church communities. They will describe how Christians show their beliefs about Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday in worship. Pupils will make links between some of the stories and teachings in the Bible and life in the world today, expressing some ideas of their own clearly.


Creative Curriculum (Topic):

We’ll sort everyday items into solids, liquids and gases. Using our investigative skills we’ll explore capacity and the properties of liquids. Becoming super scientists, we’ll investigate chemical reactions and states of matter. We’ll research the use of anaesthetic and learn what life was like without it!  In our art and design sessions we will make chocolate hearts and bath bombs! We’ll also create canvas art on a large scale!



Pupils will put together a simple animation using a flick book and then use computer software to make it into a simple animation.  Pupils will experiment with adding backgrounds and sound effects.  To conclude the unit they will look at ‘stop motion’ animations and create their own.



Pupils will continue to develop the fundamental movement skills and will apply these to a variety of games.

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