Learning in Year 4 this half term:



We will start by listening to The Iron Man, asking and answering questions and making predictions. We will look at the author’s use of powerful language to capture our imaginations, including similes. We will revise our knowledge of speech marks, composing a conversation, and focus on the character Hogarth’s feelings to write diary entries in role. For the final writing task, we will create our own imaginary creature, thinking of similes and powerful noun phrases to describe it, and write a story about what happens when it encounters humans.



In mathematics we will learn to identify and compare angles, classify and compare triangles and quadrilaterals, learn to read and plot co-ordinates and we will translate shapes.  To end the term, we will revisit some areas of mathematics we have covered in Year 4 to ensure our learning is embedded.



In RE we will be focussing on Christianity and answering the Big Question, ‘When Jesus left, what was the impact of Pentecost?’ We will make links between the story of the Day of Pentecost and Christian belief about the Kingdom of God on Earth. We will offer suggestions about what the description of Pentecost in Acts 2 might mean and give examples of what Pentecost means to some Christians now. We will make links between the description of the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2, the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of God, and how Christians live their whole lives and in their church communities.


Creative Curriculum (Topic):

This half term we will be scientists and explore a range of scientific concepts.  We will investigate food chains and learn about how animals find their food.

Using the internet, we’ll research the majestic peregrine falcon and discover where crocodiles live. After our research, we’ll create an exciting aquatic animation.

We will identify appliances that use electricity and make simple electrical circuits.

Finally, we will investigate how sounds are made and use devices to measure sounds.  We will carry out an investigation to see what materials muffle sound the best.



In computing this half term, we will learn that technology can be used to organise, reorganise, develop and explore ideas, and that working with information in this way can aid our understanding. We will discuss our experiences of using ICT and how it is used in the wider world. We will be able to apply what we have learnt in

this unit when identifying key points in a story or account, writing accounts in which details of character and action are used to interest the reader and using evidence and examples to support key points



We will continue to develop the fundamental movement skills and will apply these to a variety of games.

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