Learning in Year 5 this half term: English (Writing): For our writing, we will begin by creating an explanation text which documents how to extract DNA and/or take fingerprints from a crime scene. This inspiration for this comes from our recent visit from a CSI expert! An explanation text gives us an opportunity to showcase a range of skills, including commas, parenthesis, modal verbs and all different sentence types. English (reading): In reading, we’re going to begin by improving our fluency. This means being mindful of tempo, volume and intonation whilst taking into account punctuation. Following this, we will target a key skill of a good reader, which is the ability to summarise of get the ‘Gist’ of a text. Maths In mathematics, we will continue to work on the statistics strand of the year 5 curriculum. This includes plotting a line graph using our own real life data we’ve collected over half term and visiting West Park bus stop to read and interpret a real life bus timetable! Fractions follow our work on statistics, we will begin with the fundamentals of fractions, before progressing to different elements of the curriculum. This includes calculating fractions with different denominators, identifying equivalent fractions, recognising mixed number fractions and making the link between fractions and decimals. We will also continue to develop the children’s mental maths skills. These are a vital area and any support you can continue to give your children, in particular, with regards to learning their times tables would be brilliant. Science In science, pupils will get the opportunity to use some key scientific skills. These include classification, planning scientific enquires and recording and using data. RE In RE, we will be focusing on, ‘Salvation’ and exploring our key question, ‘What did Jesus do to save human beings? Creative Curriculum (Topic): Our work on the Frozen Kingdom has come to an end – I hope the children enjoyed it as much as I did. Don’t forget to check out our iMovies which the children produced about an aspect of our Frozen Kingdom topic at the Apple Store. We have launched our new topic ID in the last couple of weeks with our trip to the Rainbow Factory and the school visit from someone from the CSI team at West Yorkshire Police. Our topic will explore the children’s individuality – in essence, what makes them … them! We will investigate this from a scientific perspective looking at DNA, finger prints but also from a PSHCE perspective thinking specifically about identity, personal views, opinion and recognising our strengths etc. As part of this through design and technology and art children will can create their own mood board/design board to reflect an ideal space in which they would like to spend time and will personalise a t-shirt or equivalent using a collection of inspirational images or pictures to reflect their mood, hobbies or preferences and they might even embark on some embroidery.

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