Learning in Year 5 this half term:


Our main topic this half term is titled, ‘A Child’s War’ and focuses on the key events of World War 2; particularly those which affected children. Throughout the topic, we will explore a number of interesting and thought provoking historical and geographical lines of enquiry. We will also use World War 2 to stimulate a range of high quality reading and writing.


From learning about evacuation, air raids and propaganda, to designing Anderson Shelters and singing war time songs, this promises to be an engaging and absorbing topic. There is also a visit to the Second World War related Eden Camp Museum, in Malton to look forward to!



We will begin by reading, exploring and then writing a range of different narrative and non-narrative pieces based on the Second World War. As we move into the year five curriculum, we will recap a number of key year four punctuation and grammar objectives, before developing new writing skills and writing styles.


In our reading sessions, we will be reading ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo. A book set during the second world war, which explores a number of important aspects of wartime. We will pay particular attention to the characters portrayed, use of language and different settings in the book, as well as using key reading skills, such as: inference, prediction, summarising and connecting to the text.



In maths, we will be learning about numbers up to 1,000,000. We will learn to read, write and compare these larger numbers, as well as making number patterns and rounding number up to 1,000,000. Following on from this, we will learn about various key areas of addition and subtraction using larger numbers. Throughout the half term, there will lots of high quality maths discussion, reasoning and problem solving opportunities.



Due to the nature of our topic, there will be no science covered this half term.



This half term, we will be exploring the key question: What does it mean if God is holy and loving?



Our topic combines a range of enquiry skills and subjects as we delve deep into the Second World War. There will be links to English, history, geography and DT. Pupils will learn about evacuation, air raids, rationing and lots more interesting and thought provoking aspects of WW2. There will be a fantastic school trip to Eden Camp in Malton and lots of hands on learning opportunities!


Topic homework for this half term is attached under Link and Resources on the right.

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Mr McCluskey

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