Learning in Year 6 this half term:


In English we will be looking at fiction writing and focusing in particular on narrative writing. Our fiction writing will be inspired by videos: initially the video El Caminante and later we will use suitable extracts from the film Titanic. We will also focus on writing story openings from different perspectives (descriptive, reflective, action and dialogue).


We will be writing a biographical account about the life of Mary Anning and later explorer of the children’s own choice in our non-fiction writing.


Throughout our writing units the children will continue to embed their use of descriptive language; starting their sentences in different ways; using a range of sentence types and lengths in their writing. The children will continue to develop their appreciation about the impact their writing choices have on a reader and further develop their editing and drafting skills.


We will continue to develop the children’s grammatical knowledge and skills and provide opportunities for children to embed these skills through their writing. We will explore the use of dashes, semi-colons and colons to separate main clauses and the use of range of verb types (past and present progressive, passive and active voice, subjunctive mood and present perfect).


In mathematics our main focus will be on fractions, in particular, adding and subtracting mixed numbers; multiplying mixed numbers by whole numbers; multiplying simple fractions by whole numbers and other simple fractions and dividing fractions by whole numbers. Check out Mrs Marsland’s ‘How To Guides’ if you are unsure how to support your children with these topics.


Later, we will be looking at the equivalence of fractions, decimals and percentages and learning how to find the percentage of an amount.


We will also be developing the children’s understanding of and applying of their reasoning and problem solving skills when working with fractions, decimals and percentages.


We will continue to build on and consolidate our multiplication and division skills, in particular, using short method of division with decimals; using long division and using short and long methods of multiplication.


In RE the children will be exploring incarnation and our ‘big question’ will be Is God the Messiah?  Children will identify and consider the gospel and prophecy texts to explain connections between biblical texts, incarnation and the Messiah. The children will explore how Christians put their beliefs about Jesus’ incarnation into practice in different ways and in celebrating Christmas. Finally, the children will explore the theory that if Jesus is the Messiah how this is important in the world today and, if it is true, what difference that might make in people’s lives.


Creative Curriculum (Topic):

Our topic this half term is 'Frozen Kingdom', and we will be exploring our planet's coldest lands. Studying the terrain, climate and amazing animals you can expect in the Polar Regions. We will be learning about great explorers and putting your survival skills to the test! Do you have what it takes to be a great explorer? Pupils can also look forward to igloo building, orienteering and even a trip on the famous Titanic! They will have the chance to wow us with their amazing narrative writing, artistic skills and strong teamwork.

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