Learning in Year 6 this half term: Autumn 1 English: We will be developing and consolidating a range of skills including: starting sentences in different ways including using subordinating conjunctions; creating tension in our writing; creating cohesion across and within paragraphs; using colons, semi-colons and dashes to separate main clauses and using parenthesis including to punctuate relative clauses. The children’s writing will also provide an opportunity for them to recap the eight parts of speech (or word classes). The children will use and apply these skills in a range of genres including: descriptive writing, persuasive writing, story openings, story endings, writing from another character’s perspective, diary entries, flashback narratives. In non-fiction, the children will be preparing and writing non-chronological reports. Our writing this half term will be inspired by our topic about WWIII and, in particular, as seen through the eyes of the children at the time (‘The Children’s war’). To enhance this, we will explore a range of texts (in whole or excerpts) including Goodnight Mister Tom, Carrie’s War, Friend or Foe and Adolphus Tips. Our understanding of Goodnight Mister Tom and Carrie’s War will be developed further through watching extracts of the films and/or TV show, where appropriate. Mathematics: In mathematics our initial focus is on place value and ensuring children have a deep and secure knowledge of this topic; this provides a foundation of many other areas of the maths curriculum. In particular, we will consider the value of digits, reading and writing numbers in numerals and words; comparing and ordering and rounding whole numbers up to 10, 000, 000. We will also look BODMAS and the order in which operations have to be performed – this is a topic which will be new to the children. Our next major topic area will be multiplication moving onto to the written methods of multiplication focusing on up to 4d numbers multiplied by 2d numbers (long multiplication). We will then move onto division which will again focus on our understanding of the operation and moving onto the written methods of division including the written method of long division when dividing by two digit numbers. Underpinning all out maths topics will the opportunity for children to apply their skills to worded problems, reasoning style questions and problem solving. Rapid and accurate recall of all the times tables including the related division facts is vital to help children’s understanding and success in this area of maths. Any support you can give your children with learning their times tables would be brilliant. RE: Year 6 will be thinking about ‘People of God’. Within this we will be unpicking what it means to follow God. The pupils will be asked to question and think about how following God can bring about freedom and justice. The pupils will explore ‘Exodus’ and discuss how Moses followed God. They will look at the 10 commandments and relate their relevance to modern society thinking critically about which of the commandments are the most difficult to keep. The pupils will research and learn about modern day charities which support freedom and justice. Science: The pupils will be revising the topic Electricity. Within this they will be making circuits, solving problems around faulty circuits and investigating what affects the speed or brightness of a bulb. During investigations the pupils will be devising their own questions to answer and planning experiments which will support them to answer these questions. They will be learning about variables within an investigation and how to ensure a fair test. The pupils will be required to learn and use Electrical circuit symbols and draw circuit diagrams using these symbols. Creative Curriculum (Topic): The year 6 pupils will be learning about WW2 through the eyes of a child. They will immerse themselves into life as a WW2 evacuee and explore the thoughts and feelings of the people living in this time. The pupils will be using looking at a range of evidence to assess how reliable the source of information is. We will find out key facts about Who? What? Where? and when WW2 took place and put this in to perspective by creating a timeline of events. The pupils will study and use world maps to identify the ally and axis countries and where key battles took place. The pupils have expressed an interest in finding out about Anderson shelters, the roles of the women and what it was really like living during a World War. To address this the pupils will be able to carry out their own lines of enquiry, researching aspects of the war that are of particular interest to them and completing some cross curricular writing in the form of a non-chronological report.

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